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A modern / rustical peace

The characteristic old Istrian house is made of stone. Bridge elements on doors and windows are also made from stone. Roofs are made of brick tiles and are additionally weighted with stones because of the fierce winter winds. The cold “bura” wind on the one hand and the intense summer heat on the other are the reasons for relatively small windows, which are additionally protected by shutters.

Adriatic sea

The Adriatic Sea is the most indented section of the Mediterranean Sea on the continent of Europe. In its present shape, it was formed by the rising of the sea level by 96 metres following the last ice age in the Pleistocene period, when valleys and basins were submerged, and the dry land emerged as elongated islands, separated by sea channels. The Croatian Adriatic coastline is 1,777 km long and occupies most of the eastern Adriatic shoreline.

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Stone house offers absolute relaxation, whether you are with your family or with friends. For your holiday in Croatia choose a stone house and spend a unique holiday in Croatia and enjoy privacy, peace and tranquility! Discover the Mediterranean as it once was

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Istrian coastline!

The pure and intact Istrian beaches are true wonders of nature. Though it has always been easier to capture them in paintings than describe them in words, you just have to think about them and the sight will emerge before your eyes.